Open a Chicken Shop

Finance Options

With the cost of opening a Chicken Shop costing anywhere from 80K to nearly £200k most people considering opening a chicken shop will need to raise finance. does not endorse Interest baring loans, but would encourage leasing the equipment as that is usually more than 50% of the set up costs.

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Business Plan

Creating a Business Plan is crucial once you have decided to open a chicken shop.

This will allow you to understand your capital requirements (the funds you need to invest) and what you can realistically afford to make from your new venture. This will be a must for anyone looking to raise finance.

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Buying a Chicken Shop

In the UK alone there are thousands of Chicken Shops, and at any given time several hundred of these are for sale. Those on offer will vary from the neglected, run down, badly managed (if at all) and loss making to the well-managed, franchise backed, well operated and therefore profit making businesses.

And the asking price will vary from nothing to pay to several hundred thousand pounds.

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Finding a Site for a New Chicken Shop

Although there are thousands of Chicken Shops in the UK, with some streets supporting a plethora of such sites, there is still room for more – But only for those that intend to differentiate themselves from the rest by offering quality chicken, cooked in clean kitchens and served with care.

Considering the viability of such new projects, it must be known that over the recent years it has become a great deal harder to profit from running Chicken Shops.

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